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Challenge Zone

Taking Excitement to New Heights

The Challenge Zone gets right to the point when it comes to fun and excitement—offering hair-raising, heart-pounding challenges for every thrill seeker.

The Seven Wonders of Cape Cod

From the Free Fall to the Tight Rope, to the Trapeze, the Challenge Zone is a true test for any visitor who seeks to break out of their comfort zone. If you dare to face off against all seven obstacles, you will find yourself soaring, swinging, and climbing your way to new heights.

Do you have what it takes to master the many hurdles that our Challenge Zone rides will throw your way? Put your strength and mind to the test.

Putting Safety First

While our Challenge Zone is sure to test your endurance, our trained staff is there to provide a safe environment and every challenge includes an airbag system that safeguards participants throughout their activity. This way, visitors can get the full experience of our exciting obstacles, without the restrictions of a safety harness. With all this intensity though, we do require participants to be at least 48 inches tall to utilize the Challenge Zone rides.

We also request that anyone with a pre-existing condition or injury refrain from participating in our Challenge Zone.

*Due to the complexity of the challenge, guests must successfully complete the monkey swing challenge in order to attempt the trapeze.

Challenge Zone Ride Experiences

Challenge Zone FAQ

Yes, our Inflatable Park and Challenge Zone are two separate admissions. However, with our Combo Passes, you can enjoy a full day at our Inflatable Park and Challenge Zone for just $40 per person for two parks or $50 per person for all three!

Anyone who would like to simply observe can do so for free. Guests who do not wish to participate won’t have the wristband that is necessary to begin a challenge.

Absolutely! We allow groups at a reduced rate and each visitor in our Park has the chance to challenge their family and friends! The challenges do progress in difficulty, and there are levels or degrees to which you can accomplish a challenge. Completing all seven in their entirety, as designed, is possible—but not easy!

We advise guests to wear comfortable, athletic clothing. You also need to wear socks in the Challenge Zone. We have socks to purchase on-site for $1 per pair if you forget yours.

Safety is our utmost concern. If we close the Park due to rain or wind and you have been in the Park less than 2 hours, you will be given a pass for another day to return and enjoy the challenges.

While we believe that the entire family will enjoy the Challenge Zone, we do require children to be at least 48 inches tall to participate in the challenges. All challenges include an airbag system to catch guests as they fall, jump and tumble around. We do, however, caution anyone that has a pre-existing health condition or an injury that may be aggravated by physical activity NOT to participate.

If someone in your party requires any sort of medicines or devices to be with them at the park then we ask you to call 508-241-5424 prior to your arrival to set up accommodations for your needs. Please note that all bags, coolers or equipment noted as a medically required item is subject to inspection prior to admission. This policy does not include accommodations for food to be brought into the park for food allergies. Our cafes offer gluten-free items which will be noted on the menu in the park and we don’t use any nut products at the Shark Bites Cafe, all our food is cooked in soybean oil. If a guest in your party requests food that you bring, we ask that you leave it in your car and consume it outside the park just as other guests are able to do as well. We provide tables with umbrellas and chairs just outside the park for your comfort.

Try to land on your back or your bum. Try to avoid landing feet or head first. While each of the obstacles is equipped with the Zero Shock™ airbag system to safely catch you, it’s always most comfortable for participants to land on their backs or their bum with their feet up!