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A Whole New Level of Fun

We can all agree that life is full of obligations. With all of the running around and commotion, it becomes easy to forget about having fun and letting loose.

Cape Cod is in our humble opinion the perfect place for your next vacation. But if you’re not a full-fledged beach goer, or you’re looking for a change of pace, the Cape Cod Inflatable Park offers a refreshing option that is sure to please anyone looking for something new. And best of all, parents can relax while their kids play safely under staff supervision.

Our Park gives visitors the escape and lighthearted enjoyment that everyone needs from time to time. Whether your little one is always looking for adventure or you’re an adult that’s simply longing to relive the carefree fun you enjoyed as a kid, our Park offers something for everyone!

Please note that we DO NOT offer passes online at this time. All passes must be purchased when you arrive at the park.

Our Park & Attractions Are Packed with Endless Entertainment

Safety Always Comes First

Our biggest priority is ensuring that Cape Cod Inflatable Park is a safe and clean environment for our guests.

Attractions at the Park are staff supervised. In addition, there is a first aid station located directly next to our entrance as well as first-aid certified staff.

The BactiBarrier® antibacterial spray that’s applied on all of our rides and patio furniture effectively prevents rashes or infections. BactiBarrier® is used in medical centers, surgical suites, and other public areas such as the Walt Disney Pavilion. Even more, our rides are tested weekly to ensure that they remain clean and sanitary.

In addition, all rides with pools on the bottom are filled with chlorinated water that is changed and monitored regularly. Our outdoor showers and sinks allow visitors to rinse off the chlorinated water once they are ready to exit the wet rides area in our Inflatable Park.

For visitors who seek to conquer our Challenge Zone, every challenge includes an airbag system that protects participants throughout their activity. With this system, visitors can get the full experience of the Challenge Zone’s thrilling obstacles, without the restrictions of a safety harness.

Non-Riders are Free in the Inflatable Park and the Challenge Zone

Parents who do not wish to go on the rides in the Inflatable Park (dry rides) and the Challenge Zone are admitted to our Park for free! Anyone who does not want to participate will not be given the required wristband to use our equipment, but are still free to sit and walk around our Park as they wish. Everyone who wishes to enter The H2O will need a paid wristband to enter this area.

Relax with Family & Friends in a Rented Cabana

What better way to unwind than underneath a beautiful cabana? For more information, visit our cabanas page, and then reserve your cabana today!

Park Passes Offer Plenty of Perks

Do you want to visit our Park frequently, but don’t want to keep paying admission? No problem! Learn more about how our Season Pass can offer serious savings.

Plan Your Family’s Adventure

We are not your typical amusement park. At the Cape Cod Inflatable Park, our venue is truly one of a kind—with endless amounts of delight and entertainment for every family member!

To see for yourself what we’re all about, make plans to visit us today!

Looking to turn your Park visit into a vacation? We welcome you to stay with us! Book your stay online or by phone today.

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