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Frequently Asked Questions

Cape Cod Inflatable Park

Do you have some questions about the park or resort? You’re not alone. Here are the answers to visitors’ most commonly asked questions! If your question still has not been answered, call us at: 508-771-6060 or visit our Facebook page, as we receive many great questions there.


June 10th – June 23rd, 2023
Both parks open 10am-6pm 


June 24th – August 27th, 2023
H2O open 10am-6pm
Inflatable Park open 10am-10pm
FlowRider open 10am-9pm

August 28th-September 4th, 2023
Both parks open 10am-5pm

Both parks are open to the Public!
The swim-up bar and FlowRider are accessible without park passes.

  • A day pass for The Wicked Waves Water Park is $45 per person.
  • Toddlers under 42 inches cost $30 and children under 12 months old are free.
  • We also offer an evening pass to The Wicked Waves Water Park to be used from 4pm-6pm for $30 or $20 for toddlers under 42 inches.

No, you will need to bring your own towels. We do offer towels for sale at our gift shop if you happen to forget yours.

Yes, all guests over 12 months of age need to purchase a pass to enter The Wicked Waves Water Park. Children 13 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Yes, there are changing areas in The Wicked Waves Water Park and lockers that are available for a small daily rental fee. Lockers require a $10 cash deposit. 

The Cape Cod Inflatable Park is committed to guest safety; therefore, glass containers, coolers, and outside food or beverages are not permitted inside the park. We do offer tables and chairs with umbrellas just outside the park entrance for those who wish to bring food with them and enjoy it outside the park.

 Yes, guests may exit and re-enter the park as often as you’d like. Just remember to keep your pass with you at all times as that will be required to re-enter.

The water for all attractions in The Wicked Waves Water Park is chlorinated and filtered. Staff members test the water quality of our attractions frequently throughout the day, to ensure our water quality is compliant with state and local guidelines. There may be short times when a ride or attraction is temporarily unavailable to allow us to complete this process.

Inside the park, guests wishing to participate in swimming activities must be wearing a lined swimsuit. Loose fitting clothing and accessories that pose an entrapment risk are not permitted. Clothing that is revealing or has questionable content is not permitted and judgment on the appropriateness of clothing is at the sole discretion of park management. Children who are wearing a diaper must have a swim diaper on at all times.

Outside of the water park, socks and cover-ups are required. This includes all lobby areas, Shark Bites Cafe & Arcade, and all Cape Cod Family Resort common areas. Socks are available for purchase for $2 if you forget yours.

For guests who wish to enjoy more than one of our parks, an overnight stay at the Cape Cod Family Resort is often the most cost-effective plan. Guests who book a room at the Cape Cod Family Resort directly through our website or by phone receive a number of free passes to the Cape Cod Inflatable Park  and Wicked Waves Water Park, based upon the room they book, for each day of their stay.

If The Wicked Waves Water Park has to close due to weather within two hours of your arrival (all wristbands are stamped with the time on it) and must remain closed for the duration of the day then you will be issued a voucher to return to the park at a later time of your choosing.

If someone in your party requires any sort of medicines or devices to be with them at the park then we ask you to call 508-815-7324 prior to your arrival to set up accommodations for your needs. Please note that all bags, coolers or equipment noted as a medically required item is subject to inspection prior to admission. This policy does not include accommodations for food to be brought into the park for food allergies. Our cafes offer gluten-free items which will be noted on the menu in the park and we don’t use any nut products at the Shark Bites Cafe, all our food is cooked in soybean oil.

Our Inflatable Park and The Wicked Waves Water Park can be purchased as separate admissions or as a combo pass. You’ll be given a wristband for admission to the park you choose. However, with our Combo Passes, you can enjoy access both parks with the ability to pass back and forth freely between them as you wish!

Toddlers are able to enjoy a majority of the rides at the park with the exception of those that have a posted sign with a minimum height in front of it.

Adults may enter the Inflatable Park (dry rides area) for free if they do not wish to utilize any of the rides in that park. If they wish to accompany a toddler on an inflatable ride then they will need to purchase a pass to do so. All guests entering The Wicked Waves Water Park must have a paid admission regardless of age or height.

Yes, there are plenty of seats, including lounge chairs, where you can relax. We also have umbrellas throughout the Park.

Yes, there is a designated First Aid area located in The Wicked Wave Water Park.

Our rides are tested weekly to ensure they are always sanitary. BactiBarrier® antibacterial spray is applied on all of our rides and patio furniture to prevent rashes or infections. This same product is used in medical centers, surgical suites, and other public areas such as the Walt Disney Pavilion. In addition, all rides with pools on the bottom are filled with chlorinated water that is changed and monitored regularly. Our outdoor showers and sinks allow visitors to rinse off the chlorinated water once they are ready to exit the wet rides area.

Yes, we have a large staff that monitors our rides.

Yes, all riders enjoying our dry rides must wear shirts and socks. We have a gift shop available and socks can be purchased for $2 a pair if you forget yours.

Visitors need to wear socks, shorts/pants and shirts on our dry rides, they will go barefoot on water rides. Socks are available for $2 a pair if you forget yours.

Yes, we sell socks for $2 a pair if you forget yours.

Yes, there are lockers located at the entrance. Medium size lockers can be rented for $10 cash for the day and large sized lockers can be rented for $15 for the day.

We do not rent towels but we have them available for purchase in the gift store.

We no longer rent rides. However, many of our rides are available to rent from an unaffiliated company named Cape Cod Inflatable Rentals.

Yes, you can leave the Park at any time and return at any time during the same day, as long as you keep your wristband on.

A child qualifies for the toddler pass and access to the toddler area if they are under 42 inches tall. There are, however, many rides that have no minimum height in the general area of the Inflatable Park. If your toddler is adventuresome and you approve of him riding the bigger rides then you have the option of purchasing him a regular pass.  

 Guests receive up to 4 combo passes for a standard room and 6 combo passes for a family suite to be used at both parks for each day of their stay including their check-in and check-out day. The passes are allotted to each of the named guests on your reservation, up to four per room. Passes may be picked up as early as 8:30am from the resort lobby on your day of arrival, but your room will not be available until 3pm. On check-out day, guests check out of the resort and take their bags to their car and can then utilize the parks for the rest of the day. Guests will no longer have access to the rest of the resort amenities after checking out but may continue to enjoy the parks until closing. 

Certified service dogs are allowed in the park but are not allowed in any of the water features or on any rides. We cannot allow emotional support dogs. Please ask at the front desk for further information. 

No. Mass state law does not allow smoking in the park including vaping, electronic cigarettes and marijuana. Smoking is allowed only in our designated smoking area outside the park.

Yes, we have a sound system throughout the park and can page for lost children…or adults!

Yes, the lost and found area is at the locker rental booth.

No, you CANNOT bring in your own tubes or water toys. 

Yes, goggles and face masks are allowed.

No, but we offer wheelchairs free of charge, subject to availability. 

No. Sorry this is not something we offer at this time.


Per Person, Per Day

  • $45 – Wicked Waves Water Park
  • $30 – Inflatable Park
  • $60 – Two Park Combo Pass
  • $20 – FlowRider (all day wristband)
  • $30 – Wicked Waves Toddler Pass (under 42 inches tall)
  • $20 – Inflatable Toddler Pass (under 42 inches tall)
  • $40 – Toddler 2 park combo pass (under 42 inches tall)
  • $30 – Senior pass Wicked Waves Water Park
  • $60 Cape Cod Inflatable Park
  • $100 Wicked Waves Water Park
  • $150 Combo pass for the season
  • $60 Wicked Waves toddler pass (under 42 inches)
  • $50 Inflatable Park toddler pass (under 42 inches)
  • $80 Toddler combo pass (under 42 inches)


No, season passes are for one individual. When passes are activated a photo is taken and logged in our system. Only the person whose photo is attached to that pass may use it.

  • $60 Cape Cod Inflatable Park
  • $100 Wicked Waves Water Park
  • $150 Combo pass for the season
  • $60 Wicked Waves toddler pass (under 42 inches)
  • $50 Inflatable Park toddler pass (under 42 inches)
  • $80 Toddler combo pass (under 42 inches)

Unfortunately not. Season passes are only good for the season in which they were purchased. Luckily a season pass pays for itself in just a few uses!

Unfortunately no. Please do check the terms of the Groupon before purchasing. We are unable to alter its terms on our end and you will need to work directly with Groupon if any issues arise.

Yes, we do. Members of the military with a valid military ID, along with their immediate family members can enjoy 10% off admission tickets to the Cape Cod Inflatable Park and Wicked Waves Water Park.


Free passes will be allocated based upon the number of named people in your room and passes are only good for the day they were issued. A standard room offers up to 4 free passes per day. So if you stay in a standard room with two people, you would be allotted two passes. Passes cannot be sold or transferred. 

No, we encourage you to read the fine print before booking through a third-party site to ensure you understand the package details. We are a small business and revenue is shared with a third party site when you book there. As such, we appreciate it when people book directly on our website, and we offer them an extra day of free passes to the park for doing so. Booking through a third-party you will get free passes for the number of nights you book. Booking directly through our website or by phone directly with us you will get free passes for the number of days, resulting in an extra day of free passes for your reservation.

We have a few pet-friendly rooms available. When booking your stay you MUST book a pet-friendly room to bring your pet. Pets will NOT be allowed in rooms that are not designated as pet-friendly. If pet-friendly rooms are available they will show up in your search results when booking a room. If they do not, this means that all pet-friendly rooms are booked for your desired dates. Pets (with the exception of service dogs) are not allowed in the parks. Service dogs must remain on the ground and have someone holding onto them by leash at all times. 

Yes, our hotel is located just across the parking lot from the Cape Cod Inflatable Park.   

We are now closed for the season. We'll re-open again in June 2024. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for off-season updates and specials.