Cape Cod Inflatable Park FAQ

You’ve Got Questions, We Have Answers

Have some questions before you arrive? Check out our answers to visitors’ most commonly asked questions! If your question still has not been answered, call us at: 508.771.6060 or visit our Facebook page, as we receive many great questions there.

Q: Do you have to stay at the Cape Cod Family Resort to come into the Park?

A: Absolutely not! The public is welcome.

Q: Do I need to sign a waiver for myself or my children to use the rides at the Cape Cod Inflatable Park?

A: Yes, we have a waiver that needs to be signed. You can download it here and bring it to the park signed to speed up the ticketing process.

Q: Are the Inflatable Park and Challenge Zone separate admissions?

A: Yes, our Inflatable Park and Challenge Zone are two separate admissions. However, with our Combo Pass, you can enjoy a full day at both our Inflatable Park and Challenge Zone!

Q: How is the Challenge Zone different from the Inflatable Park?

A: For more information regarding our Challenge Zone, please check out our Challenge Zone page and our Challenge Zone FAQ.

Q: What time do the water rides close?

A: Water rides close at 6 p.m., but the rest of the Park is open until 10 p.m.

Q: Can toddlers ride the big slides?

A: Toddlers are only able to ride the big slides when an adult that has paid admission accompanies them. Our toddler zone is catered to children under 38 inches, and they can enjoy these rides on their own without an adult.

Q: Do adults pay to enter the Park?

A: Adults may enter the Park for free if they do not wish to utilize any of the rides. If they wish to accompany a toddler on an inflatable ride outside of the toddler zone or would like to experience the rides themselves, they will need to purchase a pass.

Q: Can you bring in food or drink?

A: We don’t allow outside food or drink in the Park. We do, however, welcome visitors to enjoy food and beverages at our Shark Bites Café. We also offer a seating area outside of the Park, where you can enjoy your own food or drinks. From there, you may simply re-enter the Park using your wristband.

Q: Is there any seating or shade inside the Park?

A: Yes, there are plenty of seats, including lounge chairs, where you can relax. We also have umbrellas throughout the Park.

Q: Is there a First Aid area?

A: Yes, there is a designated First Aid area in the Park.

Q: How do you protect guests from germs and bacteria on the rides?

A: Our rides are tested weekly to ensure they are always sanitary. BactiBarrier® antibacterial spray is applied on all of our rides and patio furniture to prevent rashes or infections. This same product is used in medical centers, surgical suites, and other public areas such as the Walt Disney Pavilion. In addition, all rides with pools on the bottom are filled with chlorinated water that is changed and monitored regularly. Our outdoor showers and sinks allow visitors to rinse off the chlorinated water once they are ready to exit the wet rides area.

Q: Do you have attendants monitoring rides?

A: Yes, we have a large staff that monitors our rides.

Q: On the dry rides, do you have to wear shirts?

A: Yes, all riders enjoying our dry rides must wear shirts and socks.

Q: Do you have to wear socks to go on rides?

A: Visitors only need to wear socks on our dry rides, and they will go barefoot on water rides.

Q: Do you sell socks?

A: Yes, we sell socks for $1.

Q: Do you have lockers?

A: Yes, we rent lockers for a small fee.

Q: Do you rent towels?

A: Yes, we rent towels for a small fee.

Q: Do you host birthday parties?

A: Yes, we host Birthday Parties! Please check our Birthday Parties page for more detailed information.

Q:  Do you rent rides?

A: We no longer rent rides. However, many of our rides are available to rent from an unaffiliated company named Cape Cod Inflatable Rentals.

Q: Can we leave the Park and come back?

A: Yes, you can leave the Park at any time and return at any time during the same day, as long as you keep your wristband on.

Q: Do you still have another Park in Dennis?

A: No, we no longer have a Park in Dennis. We closed the Dry Park in Dennis in 2012 and combined both parks together in 2013 at 518 Main St. Route 28 West Yarmouth, MA 02673.

Q: What is your rain and wind policy?

A: If you are in the Park for less than 2 hours and the Park needs to close due to inclement weather, you will be given a free pass to come back another day during the current year (all wristbands are stamped with the time on it).

Q: Do you have to pay for parking?

A: No, parking is free at all times!

Q: Are there special packages for the arcade?

A: Yes, please check out our Park + Arcade Package for more information. 

Q: I’m staying at the Cape Cod Family Resort. What does the Kids Eat Free package mean?

A: Please go to our Kids Eat Free page for more information on how children can eat free when you stay at the Cape Cod Family Resort.





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