Challenge Zone FAQ

Challenge Zone FAQ

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About the Challenge Zone at the Cape Cod Inflatable Park

The Challenge Zone offers a unique opportunity to fly on a trapeze, walk on a tightrope, scale across a swaying ladder and test your endurance and skills—all without the trappings of a safety harness! Whether you jump, step, or climb, our patented airbag safety system is right there underneath you to catch your fall! 

Q: Are the Inflatable Park and Challenge Zone separate admissions?

A: Yes, our Inflatable Park and Challenge Zone are two separate admissions. However, with our Combo Passes, you can enjoy a full day at our Inflatable Park and Challenge Zone for just $40 for two parks or $50 for all three!

Q: Will I be completing these challenges entirely on my own?

A: When you enter the Challenge Zone, you will find a personal trainer that will guide you through each of the seven challenges.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The Challenge Zone admission is $25. You can also purchase a Combo Pass for $40 to experience both the Challenge Zone and the Cape Cod Inflatable Park.

Q: What if I want to watch, but not participate?

A: Guests who do not wish to participate will not be given the necessary wristband to begin a challenge. Anyone who would like to simply observe can do so for free. 

Q: Can I come with a group?

A: Absolutely! We allow groups at a reduced rate and each visitor in our Park has the chance to challenge their family and friends! The challenges do progress in difficulty, and there are levels or degrees to which you can accomplish a challenge. Completing all seven in their entirety, as designed, is possible—but not easy!

Q: What should I wear?

A: We advise guests to wear comfortable, athletic clothing. You also need to wear socks in the Challenge Zone. We have socks to purchase on site for $1 per pair if you forget yours.

Q: What if it rains or is windy?

A: Safety is our utmost concern. If we close the Park due to rain or wind and you have been in the Park less than 2 hours, you will be given a pass for another day to return and enjoy the challenges.

Q: Are there restrictions to participate?

A: While we believe that the entire family will enjoy the Challenge Zone, we do require children to be at least 48 inches tall to participate in the challenges. All challenges include an airbag system to catch guests as they fall, jump and tumble around. We do, however, caution anyone that has a pre-existing health condition or an injury that may be aggravated by physical activity NOT to participate.

Q: What’s the best way to land when doing the obstacles?

A: Try to land on your back or your bum. Try to avoid landing feet or head first. While each of the obstacles is equipped with the Zero Shock™ airbag system to safely catch you, it’s always most comfortable for participants to land on their backs or their bum with their feet up!

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